“Not all Tshirts are born equal”, some are light, heavy, soft, slim cut, big cuts, stretchy etc. It really depends on what you want. Quote us, most Nigerians feel that the thicker the Tshirt, the better the quality. Not necessarily. We will deal with fabric composition in a later post. Suffice to say, Lagos Island is the hub for all things Tshirts Printing in Nigeria. We will be reviewing most of the tshirt brands found in this popular market.

 Round necks:

  1. Gildan: American origin. We do feel most of this Gildan tshirts circulating our market are the knock-offs or factory rejects especially because of the inconsistency in fabric, fit and sizing. If you are buying in large quantities, be sure to check through all of them and sift out ones with defects before taking them away.
  2. CSN: Turkish Round-Neck Tshirt brand with adult sizes up to XL. Basic Quality. Their cut is however small and a medium CSN would pass for a size small etc. V necks available in some colors. They recently introduced a children range.
  3. AllStyle: American origin. When you find AllStyle in the market, grab it! But do check that the tshirts are not defective. Above average quality. And we love flat neck taping.Allstyle Tshirt
  4. Chase Deer: Chinese (Underwear) Tshirt Brand that stretches nicely. Only available in Medium and Large. The Large however would be too snug on a UK Large Guy. We like to use them for female orders because of the stretch. The cotton is great on the skin too. Some colors come in v necks too. Comes packaged too.20170522_103150
  5. Kamiza: Market people will tell you its the highest quality available. The neck taping is too big in our opinion and totally not fitted. You can buy smaller sizes to achieve fit.
  6. Waky: Been in the market a while now. Available for adults and kids.


  1. Clever
  2. Tunjitex Gold: Our Yoruba brothers have gone to China to produce. We are not sure how consistent they are in the market as to availability. The gsm is quite thick, the label reads 320gsm, at most it should be 250gsm.20170522_104739-1
  3. Royal Queen: Have been in our markets for as long as forever. They however come in different grades and pricing.

Generally, we do not think there is quality/size/color consistent Tshirt Brand in the local market. We stand to be corrected, and look forward to any more brands that our readers may recommend.