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There is no better example of an oversaturated market than the Tshirt Printing industry. However, this does not make the industry a dead-end. A saturated market means one thing, there is a strong demand!  Tshirts are the most popular promotional medium for advertising brands, events, causes and self-expression.

The good news is there are low barriers to entering the industry and aspiring Custom Tshirts Brands can elect to get a supplier and be up and running in no time. Our advise to them would be:

1.  Find a niche that ‘speaks’ to or attracts a specific group of people just so you are not competing with every Tshirt Business around you. E.g BibiTees and R1Sixteen offer christianity inspired Tshirts

2. Solve real problems within the industry. The guys at MMABON‘ deploy technology for their order-taking processes and 80% of their revenue are not tied to walk-in customers. They clearly solved a problem, convenience.

3. Improve on what your competition is doing. Rev up your social media presence. Tshirts are easy sells online.

4. Capitalize on trends to keep up with the ever changing habits of consumers. Trends provide opportunities and even though it is not compulsory to follow such trends, understand how these trends are affecting the industry.

5. Offer value-based incentives and services e.g. Loyalty points, bundle prices